Resources for Young People

The following resources are designed for youth. Young people aren't always keen on reading lots of text, but it's still important for them to have information if they want or need it. The written information downloadable here is presented in a youth-friendly, straightforward and interesting way. There are also links to other youth engaging websites and videos.


Youth Cards

Alcohol and Other Drugs - Youth Brief Cards

In November 2017, we launched several new Youth-aimed Brief Advice Cards that are designed to give children and young people a quick reference point to know what they need to know about drugs, where to get help, and what to do for a friend in distress.

These non-judgmental and honest reference cards introduce teens to the real deal when it comes to effects of Meth, MDMA, Cannabis, Alcohol, Psychoactive drugs, LSD and partying in general. Colourful and easy to digest, our Youth Consumer Advisor has consulted with us to confirm that they’re both appealing and suitable for the youth audience.

You can order these from the NZ Drug Foundation website by clicking here if you'd like us to post these resources to you for distribution at your workplace, or download them now by using the links below. 


NZ Drug Foundation: DID YOU KNOW? series

These short videos and tools provided by the NZ Drug Foundation are designed to make it easier to discuss drugs and alcohol use with young people.

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Youth-Aimed Mental Health InfoGraphics

The following links provide infographics you can use as resources to approach the listed topics, supported by our Youth Consumer Advisor:

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Problematic Gaming Resources: Fact Sheets

'The World Health Organisation has listed Gaming Addiction as a Disorder and can lead to an unhealthy importance in someone’s life at the expense of other commitments and relationships. Despite this computer games are amazing, they are fun and are a central part of youth culture. Furthermore the professional gaming scene is followed by tens of millions of fans worldwide with competitions even now in NZ High Schools.'   (Caleb Putt, Sorted Youth AOD Service, Tauranga)

What then does this mean for young people's wellbeing, when should we or shouldn't we be worried, and what should we do in light of any of this?

Sorted Youth AOD Service have put together a range of youth friendly resources to help raise awareness for parents and professionals as well young people regarding how this issue can lead to ongoing problems and how to maintain balance. The following include:


If you would like further information you can visit:

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The Drive Series

Our Drive videos series is designed to help young people navigate their way through child and adolescent mental health service. We also have one video designed to support families who are experiencing eating disorders, how they can help their child recover. The videos were created for us by Dion Howard from Peregrino productions in conjunction with a group of young people from around the country and the Eating Disorders Association of New Zealand (EDANZ). 



Time for a Change series

Support for young people and family / whānau  going to Residential Treatment

Odyssey have developed workbooks to help young people and their family/whānau make changes. Three of them can be downloaded here.


Useful helplines and links for youth