No blue here

This is a guide for how to recognise, understand and get help when you are dealing with depression.

In acknowledgement of this, it isn't going to be blue or have sad pictures. It is important to fight the stereotypes associated with depression and maybe one of the pictures will even cheer you up.


Depression or just feeling down?

It can be hard to know if you are depressed and sometimes you might feel like your problem isn’t big enough.

You can always talk it through with someone you trust, or go have a free mental health assessment.

Every day shouldn't feel like a challenge. If you've felt like it has been for over two weeks, you should seek out help.

Some things that you should know are:

  • It may or may not have an obvious cause
  • It is found across many cultures around the world
  • It can appear at any age
  • It can be a single experience or come and go throughout our lives
  • It can last for 6 months or more if untreated


What causes depression?

While no-one knows exactly what causes depression, a number of factors are thought to be involved.

It may develop from a combination of stressful events and pressures, chemical or hormonal changes in the body, and genes inherited from our parents.


What are the signs?

Think you are dealing with depression right now?

Talk to someone you trust and get their help.

Go see your GP and they can refer you to the right place.

You might also have medication prescribed to you. If you are worried about medication be sure to talk to your mental health team and look for more information.