Family Therapy

Family Therapy


What is Family Therapy?

It is always easier to make a positive change in your life if you have people to support you.

Sometimes it is hard to get people supporting you, they might not understand what you are doing or don’t know how to help.

Each family member has individual strengths and Family Therapy looks to combine them to solve problems.


I don't want everyone talking about me

Family therapy will not focus on any one person. Even if you are the person that came for help yourself, that does not make you the target.


What actually happens?


Not massage therapy

The sessions will be discussed with you & your family prior to starting the therapy.

At your first session you will find out how many therapists are working with you, this will normally be one or two.

You will either have a fixed number of sessions or they will be ongoing, they will tell you what's up at the first session.

You will look back to see how difficulties began and start working out what is happening now & looking for solutions. 

On the first session you will talk about how the sessions run. This includes ways to make sure nobody feels left out, interrupted or unhappy.


Who should take part?

You should sort out with your family who is going before the session starts. If you can't agree, ask the therapist!

  • Often the people who come along are your immediate family or those people living in the same household.
  • The important thing is that those people who attend are part of the day to day family system in which you operate or are important to you.
  • There can be members of the family who are essential to the family functioning but don’t live at home (e.g. older sister out flatting, Kaumatua)
  • It can be people who aren't immediate family, like an aunt who is very involved.