Mental Health Assessment

Mental Health Assessment


What does this even mean?

Simply starting a conversation with a professional. You are the expert in knowing about your life and your concerns  The professional will help by supporting you to find solutions.

It can help you feel better and work out what is going on in your life. You aren’t alone, one in five people are dealing with mental health issues.

You might ask for an assessment yourself or someone who cares about you might.


Yes, but why?

It can help if you are feeling stressed, if you have something happening at home, relationship issues, bullying or abuse. Don’t think your problem isn’t serious enough, talk it out with friends, family or a GP first. 

If you or someone close to you notices your behaviour changing you should think about having a mental health assessment.


Who should be there?

Where's Wally: Mental health edition



Also where?

The first thing you should do is check in with your local GP who can refer you.

A Mental Health Assessment is usually done at a Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (sometimes called CAMHS), which is a free service.

A range of different mental health professionals may work at the service, because different people may need different kinds of help & support to feel better.

After that?

You may not need to go back after the Assessment. Talking about the concerns may have given everyone ideas about how to deal with the problems. 

Counselling at a different community agency may be recommended. These agencies may provide help with individual or family counselling, 
trauma counselling or help with alcohol or drug problems.

You might keep going to the Mental Health Service. A range of treatments are available. Treatment options that are right for your situation will be discussed with you.




What if I'm not happy with the service?

First thing you can do is go to the service manager, they have the power to sort out issues.

If that does work you can talk to a mental health advocacy service (Google it) or a Health & Disability Commission Advocates Team. It is their job to help you out and protect your rights.  If you make a complaint they are required to follow this up & get in touch with you with the outcome. 


What are these rights of mine?

your rights