Publications and Resources

Engaging Fathers

Louise Keown, PhD
Parenting Research Group
The University of Auckland

Evidence Based Age Appropriate Interventions

A guide for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. January 2008

Evidence-based, age-appropriate interventions: a guide for child and adolescent mental health services (2nd ed.)

This is the second edition of this popular resource, finding that interventions available for the treatment of child and youth with mental health d

Exemplar: The wellbeing and mental health of the next generation

Dr Luci Falconer, The Werry Centre

Exploring medication, standard treatments, nutrition and micronutrients in ADHD

Julia Rucklidge, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Canterbury

Farming: The Highs & Lows

Sarah Donaldson, Clinical Psychologist

FASD diagnosis (including "why diagnose?")

Dr Kate Robertshaw (Consultant Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician, Child Development Service, Hawke's Bay Distric Health Board)

FirstCare and Triple P: Implementation and Delivery, Challenges and Successes

Deanna Sanders, Psychologist, Triple P Lead Practitioner, FirstCare, Youth Horizons

Growing Up In New Zealand - Findings from the first 1000 days of development

Associate Professor Susan Morton, Director Centre for Longitudinal Research and Growing Up in New Zealand

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