Publications and Resources

Infants and Trauma

Chie Yumoto (Whakatupu Ora, Counties Manukau DHB)
Marion Doherty (Koanga Tupu, Auckland DHB)

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Info About Kids

Information for families and professionals about body, mind, emotions and relationships.


Information Sharing - The Legislation, Professional Codes and Case Study

Craig Immelman (Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatrist)

International perspective on DSH management

David Bettany, Auckland

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Introducing E-Skills Plus

Dr Hiran Thabrew
Bronwyn Pagey

Introducing The Youth Health Hub

Tania Wilson, The Youth Health Hub, HealthWEST

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“You’re a person! You come before your disorder!” Have you ever wanted to correct how someone identifies their mental disorder? You might think you’re doing the right thing. But check out this insider’s view on why it’s so important to stop policing language and start respecting people’s preferences on how they identify.