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Kidpower aims to build a safer world with positive strategies to stop violence, as well as empowering people of all ages and abilities with positive, effective empowerment training so they have the tools and the confidence to enjoy living to their full potential.
Kites advocates for equal opportunities for, and consumer leadership by, people with mental distress and/or addiction issues. The resource page of their website has some useful tools for professionals and families to use with children whose parents may have mental illness or addiction problems.
KPI Programme Update (Apr 2015)

Key Performance Indicators for the New Zealand Mental Health & Addicition Sector

KPI Programme Update (Aug 2015)

Key Performance Indicators

John Zonnevylle



Dr Andrew Cox, The Kari Centre; Dr Harith Swadi, CAFHMS, CDHB, The CAFMHS School-Based Health Team

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Mahi a Atua

A way of being reconnected to who we truly are.

Mark Kopua, Karmen Harris, Kataraina Miringaorangi, Herewini Rangi, Gary Harding and Dr Diana Kopua


Maternal and child mental health sharing experiences from low-and-middle income (LMIC) settings

Dr Ricardo Araya 

Sufferers of eating disorders, whether it is anorexia, bulimia or EDNOS are also at great risk of developing long term physical issues alongside the psychological issues they suffer from. This guide sets out plainly and simply the problems that anyone with a long term eating disorder might find themselves having to treat.
This website provides practical and reliable advice about giving medicine to your child.
Midlands Area Parenting Partnership: A Public Health approach to parenting in Ireland

Conor Owens, Senior Psychologist, Director Triple P Initiative Midlands Area Parenting Partnership